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Photo of the Day: Boban Marjanovic towered over NL MVP Christian Yelich

(Chesterton, Eric)

It's already been quite a week for photos of large things looking tiny next to even larger things. On Tuesday, an Australian steer named Knickers set the internet ablaze with a photo of him towering over a herd of cattle. 
On Thursday night, NL MVP Christian Yelich took on the role of that herd by posing for a picture with 7-foot-3 Clippers center Boban Marjanovic:

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This is where my hoop dreams ended

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Yelich certainly isn't small. At 6-foot-3, he's taller than most regular humans, and based on the 36 home runs he hit in 2018, he has plenty of power in that frame as well. Yet, next to Boban, he looks tiny!
To Yelich's credit, this isn't the first time Boban has towered over an otherwise-impressive celebrity. Last month, he extended his large hand to greet Wicked star Kristin Chenoweth:

Even though this photo opportunity may have crushed Yelich's basketball dreams, the good news is that he remains plenty good at baseball.