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Christian Yelich showed off his parkour cred with a leaping catch into the wall

Christian Yelich is making his case to win a second Gold Glove award. After coming in to make a great diving catch on Thursday night, he went the other way during the Marlins game against the Braves on Friday. 

Racing back on Freddie Freeman's deep drive to right-center, Yelich leaped on the track. Unlike other catches at the wall, where the player is bracing for impact against the fence, Yelich instead jumped into it. It was almost as if he was planning a parkour move, looking to bounce up and over the wall. 


Or perhaps Yelich had been playing some old school "Tony Hawk Pro Skater," because all the outfielder needed was a skateboard and he would have been picking up some serious bonus points. 


Yeah, that's definitely what was going through Yelich's mind.