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A little Brewers fan had his birthday wish come true when he met Christian Yelich

It might be the offseason, but at least teams can help their fans stay involved through FanFest events. The Brewers had one of their own on Sunday afternoon, and it was perfect timing for a young fan named Carter.
Carter loves the Brewers and MVP Christian Yelich in particular, and Brewers on Deck happened to coincide with his birthday. He even came to the event wearing a "Yelich is my BFF" T-shirt (in addition to an A+ dog hat). 

Carter missed the line for Yelich's autograph signing, but hope was not lost -- he got to meet his hero anyway:

Seriously, is it even possible to be more stunned but excited than this?

Fingers crossed that Yelich makes the imagined lunch date on Monday. We know he's busy training for the 2019 season, but hey, we're all allowed to have our cheat days. Carter would be ecstatic, that's for sure.