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To all of life's problems, just say, 'Relax Roxane'

No matter how you're situated in life, you're going to go through some tough times. It may be something major impact on your life like a death in the family or getting laid off from work, or it could be something as trivial as feeling bad during your evening workout or burning your toast in the morning. Either way, you have to get through it.

And for that, you need a mantra -- some easy-to-remember phrase that you can rely on to give you the confidence and strength to endure and overcome whatever life throws your way.

Monday evening, ESPN revealed some shots from Christian Yelich's photoshoot for the Body Issue:

By Tuesday morning, there was already some backlash to the obviously revealing photos. Nevermind the fact that they're revealing is the entire point of the issue in the first place so it would seem an odd thing to get mad about. But, whatever.

Anyway, Yelich decided to respond to the haters and, in so doing, offered a mantra for us all:

Yelich also changed his walk-up music for Tuesday night's game against the Cardinals to "Roxanne" by Sting and The Police.

May we all move through life -- or at least aspire to move through life -- with "Relax Roxane" energy. Not only will enduring hard times be much easier, but the world will be a better place.