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A day after battling some bees, Derek 'Handyman' Dietrich was ready to fix a stadium lighting issue

There's no mistaking it anymore -- Derek Dietrich is the most valuable utility man in baseball. If you disagree, you're wrong.

On Monday, Dietrich strapped on a beekeeper's suit and attempted to quash a delay in the Giants-Reds game at Great American Ball Park caused by a swarming mass of bees. It was ridiculous, and his commitment to the task was impressive.

Fast-forward to Tuesday night, Dietrich and the Reds were in Oakland set to start a series with the A's -- only, a lighting issue in left field caused another delay in the start of the game.

Naturally, Dietrich showed up again, this time in full "Handyman" mode. And he had a partner this time ...

I'm not sure if a can of Lysol, some tape and ... whatever else Dietrich strapped to his utility belt will help make a difference, but I also don't care. He has the full depth of my trust to fix anything.

Despite Dietrich's efforts, the lighting issue caused a delay of more than an hour before first pitch. To be fair, it did look like a bit much for one person to handle, utility belt or not ...

Maybe the delay threw the Reds off their game -- but not A's starter Mike Fiers, who went on to throw the second no-hitter of his career.