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Bees took over Great American Ball Park and Derek Dietrich was fully prepared to combat them

We've seen plenty of bee delays in baseball games over the years and they're always a big hassle. Players are understandably wary around dozens of buzzing, flying and stinging insects, so there's no option but to wait for the swarm to pass through or bring in an exterminator to fix the problem.

Monday afternoon's game between the Giants and Reds was delayed because of a swarm of bees around the infield and dugouts at Great American Ball Park.

Luckily, the Reds didn't have to look far for an exterminator because their second baseman Derek Dietrich was at the ready with exterminator gear.

We don't know where Dietrich got his exterminator gear or access to a backpack full of spray or whether he's properly trained in combating swarms of bees. But, coming from a guy who spent his Sunday wearing eye black on his upper lip, we can't say we're entirely surprised.

Thanks to Dietrich's unexpected preparedness, the bees quickly moved on from their position on the field. His versatility may have quite literally saved the game.