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After allowing a hit, Clayton Kershaw unleashed some frustrated shout-and-jump-really-high hops

Clayton Kershaw is a man of emotions. On the mound, he's easily among the most fired-up pitchers in the game today, and in general he's always good for some top-tier reaction faces. It's not uncommon to see him show some angst after failing to throw one of his pitches perfectly (which is a tall order for any pitcher, really) -- that's how intense he is at his craft. 

So when Michael Brantley cracked a line drive to right field in the third inning of Tuesday's Dodgers-Indians game at Progressive Field, Kershaw let it all out in the form of an emphatic yell and pogo-like hop straight off the mound: 


It's great to see Kershaw add something new to his patented emotive shout: 


Despite that brief hiccup in which he allowed a run, Kershaw finished the game with another seven-inning, six-hit effort in Los Angeles' 7-5 win. As for his hop, after the game Kershaw explained it rather simply to's Ben Weinrib:

"I gave up a hit, and I didn't want to."