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The Indians' upcoming schedule just so happens to match the Cavs' path to the Finals

You might have inferred this from the earthquake of collective joy emanating from Northeast Ohio, but the Cavaliers won the NBA title last Sunday. Parades were held. The finest Kiss Cams were offered. Much merriment was had by all.
That's in the past now, though. It's time to look to the future: And, luckily for Cleveland, they've got another contender to cheer on: the Indians, who entered Friday night having won six in a row and leading the AL Central by three games. That isn't the only good omen, either -- as the Cavs helpfully pointed out on Twitter, the Tribe's upcoming schedule looks ... familiar:

As you no doubt remember, the Cavs' path to the NBA Finals went through the Detroit Pistons, Atlanta Hawks and Toronto Raptors. The coincidence wasn't lost on the Indians either, and the team, much like Ayesha Curry, thought things seemed a little fishy: