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Clint Hurdle's daily newsletter featured a photo of him dressed as Hagrid for Halloween

Clint Hurdle

Clint Hurdle is known for a few things -- most of them, baseball related. With a decade of playing experience and 15 years in the manager's role across two organizations, Hurdle's baseball expertise is impressive. But one of the other things he's known for is his expertise with the written word.

Seriously: Hurdle sends out a daily inspirational email to many from his own website, But in today's edition, he has outdone himself.

Halloween has come and gone, but the Pirates manager got into the spirit by dressing up with his family as some Harry Potter characters and grabbing a snapshot. And yes, he chose Hagrid.


In his email, he showed off an impressive beard, and he was joined by a Hufflepuff student, Professor McGonagall and Hermione. Hurdle's daily emails typically range on anything from Shakespeare to a John Lennon quote, so the family picture was something fun to see.

You can sign up for it too -- and it is absolutely worth the notifications on your phone.