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Cody Bellinger appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and revealed the secret to his success is crepes

When you're young, bash dingers and play for the Dodgers, the world is your oyster. The finest restaurants open their doors to you and a personal chef could easily be at your beck and call. So, if you're Cody Bellinger, what do you eat for breakfast every day? IHOP. 
The Dodgers' homer-hitting sophomore appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Monday night and revealed that he eats the same breakfast every day: "Banana Nutella crepe with hash browns, bacon and eggs -- two over-medium." That's the kind of breakfast fans can get behind.
Even better, Bellinger rides his scooter to the restaurant to pick it up because -- and here's the kicker -- he can't parallel park. 
Watch the video below for the interview, which covers which teammate paid for the Elvis Presley costume he had to wear during his rookie season, which Yankees star was his favorite player growing up and which Dodgers pitcher didn't even realize they were in the midst of a no-hitter: