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The Columbia Fireflies will honor Prince with very fitting "Purple Game, Purple Game" jerseys

In the days after American icon/blouse enthusiast Prince passed away last month, one thing became very clear: Whether it was fans of his music or the city he called home, he managed to impact just about everyone he came across. 
This was especially true for the city of Columbia, S.C., where Prince not only played multiple times but also donated significantly to charity -- including $250,000 back in 2011 to an organization dedicated to helping preschoolers and their families. So it was only fitting that Columbia bestow on the pop star that most sacred of honors: A Minor League uniform. But not just any uniform. No, Prince commands something special. Something ... purple:

Yes, on June 9, the Columbia Fireflies -- the Class A affiliate of the Mets -- are holding "Purple Game, Purple Game" night in honor of Prince and the shameless wordplay that he inspires in us all. It's all here: The buttons, the pocket square, the cravat. There's only one thing left to do: