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A lanky, golden-haired caricature of Noah Syndergaard graces this week's New Yorker cover

Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard has accomplished many great things in New York City. He helped take the Mets to their first World Series in 15 seasons, he became the first real-life superhero in Times Square, he made snow angels in nearly every major sport stadium in the Metropolitan area.
But this week marks the moment he's officially made it in the Big Apple -- for Thor is gracing the cover of The New Yorker:

Legendary illustrator Mark Ulriksen created the wavy, dreamlike "Late Innings" image because he said "The Mets are peaking at just the right time." Ulriksen is a fan of the Giants -- one of the other teams that's battling it out for an NL Wild Card spot. Read more about the caricature -- and check out some more of the magazine's previous baseball covers -- right here.
Despite his dominance lately and cover-boy fame, Syndergaard took the loss in the Braves' 7-3 win over New York on Monday.