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Hitting a double on a pitch that bounces in the dirt sounds weird, but it happened

You watch a lot of baseball, you see some really odd things. In Wednesday's Pirates-Astros game at Minute Maid Park, Pittsburgh outfielder Corey Dickerson doubled. That doesn't sound weird.


Dickerson's double was really wild when you realize that the pitch bounced in the dirt on its way to the plate, so he effectively scooped it up, slapped it into center field and then hustled to second base, turning a ball into a double. Talk about plate coverage:

I'm no expert in cricket, but I do know the core elements of the game, and this was basically a cricket hit.

You know that phrase "you're all playing checkers but so-and-so is out there playing chess"? It's basically that phrase applied here, but with Dickerson out there playing cricket instead of baseball.