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Leave it to Hunter Pence to hit one of the quirkiest inside-the-park homers you'll ever see

Inside-the-park homers can be weird. Hunter Pence, currently thriving in a renaissance season with the Rangers, is known for his quirky sense of style on the diamond ... so who better than him to be involved in an absurd version of a play that is usually pretty adventurous?

In the sixth inning of Tuesday's Rangers-Red Sox game from Fenway Park, Pence slapped a line drive down the right-field line and everything went sideways.

Brock Holt ranged over and made a leaping attempt, but missed the ball and crashed on the side of the fence ... but he didn't chase after the ball.Instead, it rolled, and rolled, and ... rolled. It was a bit surreal, honestly.

The ball just chilling there by the outfield fence is a weird scene, man. Maybe Holt thought it had bounced into the stands, or maybe he couldn't move because he got the wind knocked out of him with his leaping attempt.

Who knows for sure. At any rate, that's a perfect Hunter Pence play, really.