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Move over, Ted: CPBL batter Lin Chih-Sheng has reached base in 100 straight games

With his three hits on Friday night, Marcell Ozuna has reached base safely in 34 straight games, the longest such streak of the 2016 season. Last year's longest on-base streak belonged to Joey Votto, who went 48 games at the end of the season. Impressive feats, no doubt, but to Lin Chih-Sheng of the Taiwan-based Chinese Professional Baseball League, they have to look pretty quaint -- because as of Saturday, Lin has reached base in 100 straight games.
That's 100 as in triple digits. It's been nearly a year since his streak began on June 20, 2015, and it even includes postseason games and a team change: Lin switched from the Lamigo Monkeys to the Chinatrust Brothers in the offseason, the first CPBL player to sign with a new club as a free agent.
Not even the change of scenery could stop Lin from dominating the past 100 games -- he won CPBL MVP last year, and he's batting .405 this season, so he's got a good shot at repeating. And if you want some context for his streak: Lin has now far outpaced Ichiro Suzuki's NPB streak of 69 games on base and, yes, even Ted Williams' 84-game streak in 1949. 
So, yeah, he's having quite the year. Here's Lin's RBI single that ticked the counter into triple digits: 

h/t CPBL English