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Get an up-close look at a Coors Field hailstorm thanks to roving weather reporter Miguel Montero

Recently, the Rockies headed to Chase Field for an NL West series with the D-backs. Back home in Denver, Coors Field was blanketed in snow after a patch of cold weather hit the area. 
On Monday, the Cubs found themselves in town to open a set with the Rockies at Coors. But a few hours before Monday's game, it became apparent that yes, inclement weather was back once again. And then some:

From the Cubs' perspective:

Yep, Coors Field was absolutely covered in a thick hailstorm on Monday afternoon, conditions Cubs catcher Miguel Montero braved in order to capture that perfect social media post:

Another angle, from the opposing dugout:

How does a grounds crew get piles of hail off the field? With big shovels, as you'd expect.'s Thomas Harding with the evidence:

So you've seen what a baseball field looks like covered in snow, how about a dormant football stadium? Take it away, Broncos:

That's a lot of weather. Somebody make sure Mike Trouthears about this
Alas, the hailstorm was enough of a problem that Monday night's game was postponed:

Here's hoping the skies clear up in time for Tuesday's games.