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This cricket play was so insane an MLB team should sign this guy right now

There are tons of similarities between baseball and its cousin of the British Commonwealth, cricket. Both sports are best played on sunny days in beloved sporting cathedrals, both sports reward crushing the snot out of the ball and throwing it mighty hard with nasty spin and both sports have been thoroughly conquered by Francisco Lindor.

But there's one specific cricket play that happened recently that translates almost perfectly to baseball. Check out this insane throw from Australian cricket dude and potential future MLB third baseman Pat Cummins.

Look, I don't know enough about cricket to tell you what a "rapid over" is or how impressive it is to compile 19 of those bad boys, but I can tell you that this bucket-hatted young Aussie would slot in phenomenally as a big league infielder. Compare Cummins' acrobatic throw with this Josh Harrison play from last season.


Teaching this Australian Ozzie Smith how to hit a big league fastball might be tough, especially considering that Cummins is better known for his bowling (pitching) ability than his batting prowess. But if the bat never develops enough to hit in the Majors, he could be a slick-fielding late-inning defensive replacement right now for like 15 big league clubs. Someone give this cricket boy a Gold Glove and a contract.