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Francisco Lindor went over to London and played some cricket

Francisco Lindor is one of the most dynamic players in baseball. He's got power, he's got speed, he's got stunning defensive abilities and he's got a smile that twinkles just like the stars above. And now, he seems to be expanding his already impressive repertoire, by learning how to ... play the sport of cricket?

On Wednesday afternoon, Lindor paid a visit to the iconic 200-year-old Lord's Cricket Ground in London. The Cleveland shortstop, who appears to have dyed his curls a dashing shade of grey, even got to put on his own cricket uniform.

Lindor also spent some time learning about the rich history of the sport, including checking out the enormous oil paintings hanging at the grounds.

As baseball prepares to swoop down on the U.K. for the 2019 London Series, we should expect to see more MLB players trying their hand at this sport that utilizes skills similar to baseball.