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Nelson Cruz's first attempt at a home run was ruled foul, so he made sure his next pitch was a sure thing

Nelson Cruz's at-bat in the top of the fourth inning during Saturday night's Mariners-Rangers game was interesting, to say the least. He smacked a 3-1 pitch off Bartolo Colon that flew down the left-field line. It was ruled foul and despite a review, and a Rangers fan pointing out it was foul, the call stood.
So what did Cruz do? Well -- he smacked a 3-2 pitch toward the same area. This time, however, it was a two-run bomb -- and it was definitely fair:

No replay needed for his fourth homer of the season.
"You don't often see that on back-to-back pitches," Scott Servais told's Dave Sessions. "The first one was so close to being out, but there was no doubt on the second one."
Colon, after the game, spoke to's T.R. Sullivan and was asked if he had any trouble dealing with Cruz's at-bat.
"I didn't lose my attention on the mound, I keep my emotions in check. I just tried to throw one on the outside corner and it came back across the middle."
Second time's a charm perhaps?