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The Cubs went on an 'Anchorman'- themed road trip, because of course they did

Joe Maddon is not the kind of guy who wears sweatpants on planes, and his players aren't either. No, they wear Halloween costumes, leisure suits and uh, "formal wear." On Thursday, the ever-subtle Cubs manager and his team took off for West Coast, and they traveled "Anchorman"-style.

"It's the Ron Burgundy slash Brick Tamland -- and I also wanted to include Tommy La Stella tribute -- road trip, where 60 percent of the time works every time, sponsored by 'Sex Panther' cologne trip," Maddon told's Carrie Muskat.
Jason Heyward talked about how the team came up with the idea:
"Joe bounced stuff off of us and we said, 'Yeah, this one will be cool and fun because we're going to San Diego and we can wear it there and coming back,'" Heyward said. "I'm sure teams have done it before."
"We'll have to contact Will Ferrell," Anthony Rizzo said. "I saw him a couple weeks ago in Boston. Maybe he'll come and say hello while we're in LA."
Cubs outfielder Kyle Schwarber dressed as Champ Kind, the sportscaster in "Anchorman," whose catchphrase was "Whammy."
"I love 'Anchorman,'" Schwarber said. "Champ's my guy."
Before you ask, Tommy La Stella did not have a cameo in "Anchorman" -- he just reminds Maddon of Brick, Steve Carrell's character in the movie.

Everyone seemed to have seriously committed to the theme: 

But most importantly, will they wear onesies again?
"I'm sure we'll have one in the second half for sure to make it easier on everybody to get dressed," Heyward said. "It won't be sweat pants but it's the same concept."