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Anthony Rizzo does not seem worried about blending in during the Cubs' road trip to D.C.

With the Cubs and the Nationals holding court this week as the top two teams in the National League, one might reasonably assume that Anthony Rizzo would want to keep a low profile during his team's visit to Washington, D.C. After all, the last time these teams played, back in early May, the Cubs swept the Nationals -- and D.C. fans aren't likely to forget.
Yet it seems that Rizzo is not at all worried about blending in.

For Rizzo, "casually touring" means wearing a bucket hat, shorts and a tie-dye "I <3>DC" T-shirt -- the platonic ideal of a tourist's outfit -- to the White House with his teammates. We're just saying, it doesn't seem like he's trying to be inconspicuous.
Unless Rizzo thinks this is just how people dress in D.C., in which case: Good burn, Anthony.