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The Cubs' infield shifting with Anthony Rizzo and Ben Zobrist yields a pretty unique box score

Under Joe Maddon, the Cubs do a number of unique things on the diamond. Pitchers play the outfield, three catchers find a way to play at the same time, and so on. The club also uses infield shifting to its benefit whenever possible, with second baseman Ben Zobrist and first baseman Anthony Rizzodoing so every now and then. 
It happened again throughout Wednesday night's 6-5 loss to the Marlins at Wrigley Field, particularly when Miami pitcher José Ureña came to the plate looking to bunt the runner to second base. That scenario played out in the third inning, as Rizzo moved closer to the pitcher's mound and Zobrist slid over to the first-base bag to hold the runner (effectively switching positions): 

This transpired again in the fourth when Urena came to the dish, eventually striking out against John Lackey. Again, this is something the Cubs do frequently. That much is known. But have you ever noticed the box score for the game when this happens? It's ... different: 

For those fans scoring at home or at the ballpark, good luck.