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Thrifty Jorge Soler watches Cubs play Cardinals through binoculars made out of cups

Jorge Soler wasn't part of the starting lineup in the Cubs' 9-8 win over the Cardinals on Wednesday afternoon, though he did make a pinch-hitting appearance in the ninth inning.
Baseball players tend to have unique methods of time-passing while hanging around the bench. Some present their Animal Cracker collections, while others affix bubblegum to the caps of unaware teammates.
Maybe because he sought a better view of the game than his seat provided (even though that's impossible), Soler decided to show off his craftsmanship by whittling together a set of "binoculars" using just a few paper cups found in the dugout.  

Sure, his contraption didn't actually "work," but so what? It's quite a technical marvel nonetheless, since getting all those cups to stick together properly seems like a challenge.