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Wearing NBA throwbacks for their road trip, the Cubs looked like a formidable basketball team

Under manager Joe Maddon, the Cubs have been known to sport some serious style for themed road trips. Back in 2017, the team put together an ensemble of "Anchorman"-inspired outfits for a trip to San Diego, for example.

On Sunday, as the team headed to the airport to travel to Houston to open a road trip against the Astros on Monday. Their group fashion choice this time? Throwback NBA jerseys, which is timely given the start of the NBA Finals coming up on Thursday.

In typical Cubs fashion, the team fully leaned in to this theme, with some excellent results.

Let's break it down, because the commitment to the bit is particularly impressive. Here's the always stylish Javier Báez, in costume as the legendary Julius Erving. Note how he's dribbling a basketball and holding some Gatorade for this photo:

Baez got his own photo shoot, because of course he did:

And introducing Jon Lester as Penny Hardaway -- in Penny-model sneakers, too.

Cole Hamels went outside the box with his Flint Tropics jersey, always a slick and colorful look:

But of course, no NBA theme is complete without Michael Jordan. Jason Heyward made sure MJ was represented:

I can't lie, this looks like a formidable group of basketballers. I wouldn't want to have to take them on in a game on the blacktop ...