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Pedro Martinez should make an MLB comeback

During the Red Sox Alumni Game last Sunday, Pedro Martinez struck out Mike Greenwell, and it looked like we'd all traveled back in time:


Pedro is just 46 years old, one year older than Bartolo Colon, who, as we all know, is still an extremely active MLB player. Therefore, Dakota Gardner, Gemma Kaneko and Chris Landers don't think a Martinez comeback is out of the question. On this week's Cut4Cast, they all decide he's the starter they'd trust with their lives (15:44).

They also discuss Pudge Rodriguez's son Dereck's MLB debut (1:55), John Jaso's love of tie-dye and being chill (8:05) and Justin Verlander's genuine belief that boos at Yankee Stadium are just another way to say "I love you" (20:24). To listen to the full episode, find it on the Cut4Cast iTunes page or click play below: