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A tie-dyed, tank-topped John Jaso tried to say hi to his old teammates, but the usher stopped him

With his long dreads, philosophical outlook on losing streaks and plans to spend his post-playing days sailing the world on his boat, it's safe to say there aren't many -- if any -- ballplayers like John Jaso. He made that more than obvious during the Rays' 6-3 victory over the Red Sox on Thursday night. 
Looking every bit like a retired, Jimmy Buffett- and Phish-listening dude in a tie-dyed tank top and (we assume) flip-flops, Jaso tried to head toward the field to speak to his former teammates and coaches. Only problem: An usher stopped him because ballplayers tend not to look so ... relaxed. 

Rays coach Matt Quatraro wasn't surprised. When Jaso told him that the ushers kept kicking him out of the field section, Quatraro laughed and said, "I don't blame them. Look at you." 
Look at him, indeed. Please come to more baseball games when your boating and music festival schedule allows, Mr. Jaso.