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This D-backs prospect homered with his dad sitting in the opposing team's dugout

Alek Thomas is a left-handed-hitting outfielder in the D-backs' system who was drafted last year out of a high school in Chicago. He spent all of his first season in rookie ball, five levels away from the big leagues. So, it was pretty cool that he even got into a Major League Spring Training game against the White Sox on Wednesday afternoon. But when you consider that Alek's dad, Allen, who is Chicago's Director of Conditioning, was in the opposing dugout, the story gets even better.

And then, Alek tatered.

Shout-out to Alek for making sure Pops at least recognized his dinger. The best part is that Allen doesn't even crack a smile until he makes eye contact with his son -- that's some real Director of Conditioning energy if I've ever seen it.