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The Dallas Stars took the ice looking pretty slick in their special Rangers-themed jerseys

On Saturday night, the Dallas Stars hosted the Winnipeg Jets at American Airlines Arena -- but when the Stars took the ice, they had a totally different look: 

Yep, those are special jerseys modeled after the Texas Rangers' alternates, and you have to admit they look pretty slick. Especially goalie Ben Bishop, whose look you can see in the image atop this post.
As usually happens whenever hockey teams have baseball team jersey crossover nights, there were some very stylish photos taken in the locker room a few hours before gametime that helped set the mood: 

And if that weren't already enough of an outpouring of love and mutual respect between two of Texas' most celebrated sports franchises, Joey Gallo, Delino DeShields and Rougned Odor went to the game in their own Stars jerseys ... 

... and helped pump them up, big time:

Gallo, DeShields and Odor then teamed up to drop the puck in their fresh digs. 
Looking good, everybody.