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David Fletcher made a glove flip to second base despite multiple bobbles

Throughout a baseball game, players have to adjust quickly to circumstances that did not go according to plan. A batter who started swinging at a changeup has to adjust when that pitch turns out to be a curveball. An infielder has to change course when a ground ball takes an odd hop on the dirt.
During Wednesday night's 8-1 win over the Rangers, Angels' second baseman David Fletcher had to make an adjustment when a ground ball just didn't want to stick in his glove. With Robinson Chirinos racing from first to second, Fletcher didn't have much time to get to the bottom of the situation, so he simply made the best of it and bobble-glove flipped the ball to Andrelton Simmons anyway:

The bobble proved contagious as Simmons also struggled to control the ball. Though their prolific bobbling eliminated their chance at turning a double play, Fletcher and Simmons proved that they can adjust to unexpected circumstances and make the best of them.