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Andrelton Simmons somehow made this play as a broken bat came hurtling toward him

In his seven seasons in the Majors, Andrelton Simmons has compiled a fantastic array of highlights that rival some of the best shortstops to ever play the game. He runs halfway to the outfield wall for diving catches, he snags line drives that should not be snagged, he doesn't even really need a glove ...
So, as an offensive player, how do you stop him from fielding your batted balls? Well, during Wednesday's 11-3 win over the White Sox, Avisaíl García (unintentionally, of course) had a piece of his broken bat fly out in Simmons' direction along with a ground ball. Yes, a sharp piece of wood was hurtling at the Angels Gold-Glover as he was trying to make an out.
You'd think he'd be distracted. He was not.

Look at that GIF. Every shortstop should watch this GIF and want to be like this. Maybe every player. Maybe every human.