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Andrelton Simmons barehanded a throw from the outfield and made it look totally normal

Visiting an art museum can be an awe-inspiring experience with the viewer potentially feeling overwhelmed at the magic of what he or she is witnessing. The same can be said for watching Andrelton Simmons play defense. 
In the Angels' 5-3 loss to the Rangers on Monday night in Anaheim, Simmons -- currently posting a 6.1 WAR for the Angels, which would be the second-highest of his career -- threw in a dazzling defensive flourish that might have gone unnoticed by most watching the game.
Robinson Chirinos lined a single to left field in the third inning, and thought about advancing on outfielder Cameron Maybin's arm. Maybin fired a relay throw to Simmons, who ... just speared the ball with his bare hand, on the fly: 

That's just ... wow. Forget about waiting to become King, the man known as "Simba" already is when it comes to nonchalant-but-impressive defense.