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David Ortiz submitted his Oscars bid with a reel of classic Boston movie scenes ... starring himself

Throughout the course of his brilliant career, David Ortiz single-handedly pushed himself into the conversation of what comes to mind when thinking of Boston culture. His near-countless total of clutch postseason hits led the Red Sox to three championships and secured his place in the hearts of the team's devoted fan base.
Not everything in New England lore has to do with baseball, though, and Ortiz knows this. Many classic movies of the past decades were set in or around Boston. Unfortunately, it's impossible to watch these films and Ortiz at the same time ... or is it?
Ortiz himself attempted to provide a solution. The results? See for yourself:

Yes, that is Ortiz inserting himself into scenes from "Good Will Hunting," "Fever Pitch" and "The Departed." Incredible work with even better costume design. Ortiz really has his Drew Barrymore impression down.
We just wish Ortiz went another direction with "Good Will Hunting."

Fingers crossed that this scene is in Ortiz's sequel.