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Five things MLB's best prospects can learn from Futures Game managers David Ortiz and Torii Hunter

The 2018 SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game isn't just a showcase for the best prospects in baseball. It's also a chance for those prospects to learn from coaching staffs led by Major League greats, and this year is no exception: Torii Hunter will manage Team USA, while David Ortiz helms Team World.

That's 894 homers, 15 All-Star appearances and 19 big league seasons worth of experience. But just what lessons will these two be imparting to MLB's next generation of stars? We're glad you asked.

Dress to impress

The first step to becoming a professional is dressing like one, and who better to give fashion tips than the man who answered the question, "What if someone decided to wear an entire red carpet?"


Or the man who pulled off "Mr. Rogers but also ready to party":


Step up when it matters

Young players can often struggle to keep a clear head in big situations. Luckily, the stars of the Futures Game are in good hands and can just do what their managers did.

One of them is the only player with multiple postseason walk-off dingers under his belt.

While the other made his All-Star Game debut by casually robbing the all-time home run leader:


Dance like no one is watching

As a professional baseball player, you can't be concerned with what the outside world thinks. You have to be carefree, immune from the haters, comfortable enough to ballroom dance in the dugout:


Hunter, however, isn't just a dance enthusiast -- he held an entire dancing awards show in the Twins clubhouse back in 2015.


Be a vocal leader

These are the best of the best, the stars of tomorrow -- soon enough, they'll be expected to become the faces of their franchises. Hunter is no stranger to that role: The Twins valued his presence so much that they made sure his locker was right next to then-No. 1 overall prospect Byron Buxton.

And Ortiz, well, just give the guy a microphone and get out of the way:

The finer points of interpersonal communication

An important lesson for any player really, regardless of age: There's no issue that can't be solved with a hug.