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The Red Sox have mowed David Ortiz's home run celebration into center field

If you've watched enough alien invasion films, you know the moment: The farmer walks into his cornfield and notices something's wrong. The stalks are crushed, there's a strange smell in the air, and what's that -- is that some kind of design? The camera peels back to reveal that there's an intricate and terrifying crop circle carved into the land. 
Hopefully that exact scene will play out for Blue Jays center fielder Kevin Pillar when Toronto takes on the Red Sox this weekend. That's because Fenway Park's center field will be covered in mankind's greatest art: David Ortiz's home run celebration. 

Sadly, this is probably the closest we'll ever get to Ortiz playing in center.
That's not the only honor for the retiring slugger this week. His iconic No. 34 is currently traveling around Boston and the team will be wearing special jerseys and caps this weekend, too: