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David Ortiz had more fun during an intentional walk than should be possible

Intentional walks, by design, aren't supposed to be that fun. They're a strategic maneuver implemented to avoid, say, the three-run-dinger kind of fun that might otherwise be a possibility. But if his 20-year career has taught us anything, if there's any fun at all to be had, David Ortiz will find a way.
As the Yankees set about intentionally walking Ortiz to load the bases in the seventh inning of the 7-4 Red Sox win on Friday night, he first joked with rookie catcher Gary Sánchez (who has had his own fun with IBBs), making like he was going to take some swings:

And then, as he eventually took his base, Papi played a game of "watch the elbow guard" with the Fenway Park batboy:

Go ahead, try to stop Ortiz from having as much fun as he can during the final month of his final regular season. You can't.