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David Ortiz took a selfie with a fan ... right before hitting a home run

At this point, David Ortiz might as well be canonized as the patron saint of selfies. He's taken one with President Obama, the President of the Dominican Republic, and when Pedro Martinez made it to the Hall of Fame, what was he doing? Taking selfies
He was back at it again during the Red Sox's 3-2 victory over the Tigers on Saturday night. Before stepping to the plate in the top of the fifth inning, Ortiz made sure to bring some gum to a group of young Red Sox fans sitting near the on-deck circle, even dropping in to take a selfie. 
That's right, while other batters are locked in concentration, focused solely on their upcoming at-bat against a guy throwing any number of moving, breaking, spinning pitches between 75 and 95 mph, David Ortiz is taking selfies. 

Of course, this is Ortiz we're talking about. So after fouling off the first pitch from Daniel Norris, he took a slider and blasted it over the fence for a two-run home run. Not only was it a selfie-aided home run, it also proved to be the difference in the Red Sox's victory -- quite a thing to do to the team that honored you with retirement gifts before the game.

Sadly, he hadn't hidden a phone inside his uniform, so wasn't able to take a selfie while rounding second base.
Maybe next time.