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David Ortiz spent his day off hanging with Vin Scully and photobombing a field reporter

David Ortiz, as you might have heard, is putting together arguably the greatest final season in baseball history: .309/.395/.617, 25 homers and even a couple of steals. But he's still 40, and after manning first base for the first time this season during Saturday's 3-0 loss to the Dodgers, he needed a day off. 
Would he get some extra rest? Would he sit still in the dugout, rooting on his team? Nonsense. This is Big Papi, and a day off for Big Papi is still a day out of your wildest dreams. After all, what is a day without the obligations of professional baseball if not a golden opportunity to hang out with Vin Scully -- and talk about everything from retirement to Ortiz playing baseball with the heads of his sister's doll as a kid in the Dominican Republic. Watch the clip above for more from Papi's day with Vin.
And Ortiz still wasn't done after that. Why simply hang out with your teammates and coaches watching the action, when you can broadcast your dance moves to all of New England -- while a reporter is talking about you?

Papi drew a walk in a pinch-hitting appearance, but Boston lost on Sunday, 8-5. Don't worry though -- Ortiz will be returning to the lineup from his brief photobombing excursion shortly.