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David Price changed his uniform number and a Twitter user figured out why

The Red Sox's David Price is entering a new era. After all, he's no longer just Cy Young Award-winner David Price (he won in 2012), he's also World Series-winner David Price. 

After putting to death the idea that he couldn't pitch in the postseason with 13 2/3 innings of sterling World Series work -- including seven strong frames in the Red Sox series-clinching Game 5 victory -- Price is a brand new man. And that means a brand new uniform number. The lefty swapped out the No. 24 he's worn for No. 10. 

When asked why, Price turned it into a mystery. 

So, what could it possibly mean? As Schoenfield pointed out, it's not for the Red Sox winning 10 World Series. What are the other options? 

- Counting the DH, there are 10 players in the Red Sox starting lineup

- He's a big fan of the base-10 counting system

- He wants to be included in Top 10 lists

- He's a big Dave McCarty fan, who wore the number from 2003-05

However, it seems the answer is much simpler. As Twitter user, Chelsea Catlette surmised, Price's son's name is Xavier and X means 10 in Roman Numerals. The Boston Globe's Pete Abraham was able to confirm it. 

Put the notepads down, detectives. We've got our answer.