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Masahiro Tanaka did a pirouette after whiffing on a curve and David Robertson absolutely loved it

While your acquaintances will nod their heads in commiseration when you fail, your friends know you well enough to laugh at your foibles. It's the meaning of true friendship. 
Which means that David Robertson and Masahiro Tanaka must be the closest of pals. After the Nats' Gio Gonzalez turned Tanaka into a whirling dervish with a curveball in the second inning of Tuesday night's game, Robertson literally howled with laughter as Tanaka walked back to the dugout: 

This is not the polite kind of laughter that people make during small talk at cocktail parties. This is the mirthful giggling of friends around a campfire at 2 in the morning. And this is when you remember that baseball, for how serious we make it out to be, is also insanely fun.