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Gleyber Torres hit a walk-off homer and set off absolute bedlam at Yankee Stadium

After the first home run of Gleyber Torres' Major League career, he got the silent treatment from the Yankees' dugout. After the second home run of his career, the reaction was ... a bit different.
Torres continued his hot start on Sunday, capping a dramatic New York comeback with a three-run walk-off homer -- the youngest player in Yankees history to ever do so -- in the team's 7-4 win over the Indians. And from there, the party was on -- and we mean really, really on.
From a home-plate mob scene to sunflower seeds being used as projectiles, the Yankees turned the postgame celebration into high art. And if you happened to miss any of it, we've compiled the highlights below for your viewing pleasure:
Part I: The bullpen
We begin in the Yankees bullpen, where closer Aroldis Chapman was just minding his own business, warming up for the 10th inning ... when he was greeted with a home run ball:

Part II: The dugout
The rest of Torres' teammates didn't have as good of a view -- but when they saw the ball was gone, they promptly lost their minds (especially Luis Severino, whose hat nearly entered low orbit):

Part III: Home plate
Any great work of art needs a sense of dynamics -- a build-up to create tension and anticipation. Speaking of which, somebody get the Louvre on the phone:

Part IV: Postgame
And then, finally, it was time for the big finish. There were sunflower seeds. There were fluids. There was CC Sabathia: 

Of course, where one Gatorade shower is good, two is better:

It was a celebration for the ages, the type of moment that Torres will remember for his entire career. Really, though, he's probably just thrilled to learn that he has his own Official Didi Gregorius Victory Emoji: