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The Dayton Dragons executed the classic off-the-pitcher, off-the-umpire 1-6-3 double play

We could tell you that the Dayton Dragons, Class A affiliate of the Reds, turned a 1-6-3 double play against the South Bend Cubs on Thursday. We could tell you that it was one of the strangest double plays we've ever seen. We could tell you that the Dragons briefly turned a baseball diamond into a pinball machine. But any description we could come up with would fail to grasp the sheer absurdity of the play you're about to see, so we'll just get out of the way now:

To recap: The ball hit off of Dayton starter Alex Webb, then hit off of second-base umpire Isaias Barba, then was turned into a routine double play. That sound you hear in the distance is the official scorekeeper lighting his box score on fire and walking off into the sunset.