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Denard Span, man of the people, spent most of Thursday's game falling into the stands

Normally, Denard Span plays left field for the Rays. He catches fly balls, fields ground balls or just hangs out thinking about what show he'll stream on Netflix after the game.
But, if you were a fan down the left-field line during the Rays' 6-3 win over the Red Sox on Thursday, then you were lucky. Because Span decided to make a couple impromptu visits into the stands. Look at him trying to give this guy a hug in the fourth inning:

And in the ninth, a quick visit to the left-field corner. Raymond what are you doing?'s Bill Chastain talked to Span about his fan visits after the game:
"Trying to get some nachos," Span said, a statement that would make Prince Fielder proud.

Manager Kevin Cash was more just happy about the well-placed Raymond.
"It was good we had Raymond out there the second time to help him up."
Denard Span: Man of the People.