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Dereck Rodriguez pushed a car as part of his #NoOffseason workout plan

One of the major differences between professional athletes and "everybody else" is the commitment to a rigorous workout plan, one that requires strong discipline, dedication and a willingness to get after it every day. 
Not "a couple times a week," like we all strive to do with our gym memberships. To remain in physical shape good enough to play baseball, for example, requires sticking to it throughout the winter months, the time after the World Series ends and before Spring Training starts up. 
This may be the offseason, but as we've seen time and time again from MLB stars, there is #NoOffseason, whether smashing tires with sledgehammers, pushing trucks or just hitting the gym in general. 
Witness Giants right-hander (and son of Hall of Famer Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez) Dereck Rodríguez pushing a car as part of his workout plan in Puerto Rico this weekend:

That's impressive stuff, truly. Pushing a car is a necessity sometimes when a battery dies, but doing it for fun -- or as part of a stringent workout plan -- is next-level.