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For his son's birthday, Dexter Fowler's dad shared a story (and photo) of giving Dex his first glove

Dexter Fowler has developed something of a reputation for sharing adorable glimpses of his daughter on his social media pages, just as he did when showcasing how excited she was about him joining the Cardinals back in December. 
It would appear as if that penchant for sharing wonderful memories and moments on the internet spans generations. On Wednesday, Fowler celebrated his 31st birthday, and it was an occasion for his father -- going by "PapaJFowler'"on Twitter -- to share this as an homage to his son:

Thanks to Papa Fowler for providing this crucial origin story for 5-year-old Dexter and his then-budding interest in the game -- as it basically laid the groundwork for who he'd become: An everyday baseball player, standout outfielder and World Series champion. 
It's what millions of young kids dream about, and it became reality for him.