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Did Billy Hamilton, Adam Engel or Yasiel Puig have the best catch on Tuesday night?

A wave of defensive excellence swept across Major League parks on Tuesday night, and three outfielders in particular shined the brightest with jaw-dropping catches.

First, Billy Hamilton darted 106 feet back in center field before jumping at the wall to pull down Carlos Asuaje's bid for extra bases:

Asuaje himself could only tip his cap. 

"I hit it, and I see him turn his back right away," he told's Mark Sheldon. "I'm like 'OK, either it's over the fence or he's going to rob this.' I just kept going just in case. I saw him hit the wall. I didn't see him come down with it. When I saw the replay, I was like, 'That's unbelievable, an unbelievable catch.'"

Meanwhile, over on the South Side of Chicago, Adam Engel ran a long way from center field in an effort to track down a booming drive from Brian McCann. He timed his jump, made his leap and reached his entire arm over the wall to bring back a sure home run (from right out of a fan's hands, no less):

Of course, that kind of grab is no surprise coming from the rookie: According to Statcast™, Engel leads the White Sox in 3- and 4-star catches. His pitcher, Greg Holland, was pretty appreciative.

"That's one of the greatest catches I've ever seen, to go out there and rob McCann," he told's Fabian Ardaya. "As soon as I gave it up, I thought it was gone. I really thought it was 30 rows deep when he hit it. For him to make that play was huge."

Yasiel Puig capped the night off with some dinger larceny of his own. J.D. Martinez's opposite-field line drive seemed destined to land over the wall and right in front of the D-backs' mascot, Baxter. Puig did his pal no favors:

This is hardly the first time Puig has dropped jaws in right field this year. He's run, he's jumped, he's even taken on walls as he makes a case for his first Gold Glove Award.

All three were sensational catches with their own unique flavor. There's only one question that needs to be asked: Which of them was the best?

That's where you come in. Vote in the poll below to make your voice heard: