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Dioner Navarro was forced to do battle with a fly that rudely invaded the batter's box

Dioner Navarro stepped to the plate in the second inning of the Blue Jays' 8-1 loss to the Rays on Wednesday, readying himself to face Tampa Bay starter Alex Cobb for the first time that afternoon. He tightened his batting gloves, tapped his bat to home plate and took his batting stance. He was ready.
But he was so not ready.

A fly (at least we assume it was a fly, we cannot actually confirm nor deny the existence of said hypothetical flying insect) rudely invaded the batter's box just as Navarro was preparing for his first pitch. 
Perhaps it was looking to graduate from a humble housefly to a prestigious ballparkfly -- or at the very least, found inspiration in the exploits of its Cleveland brethren last week:

Navarro eventually conquered his winged foe and proceeded with his at-bat, reaching on a throwing error. The Blue Jays as a team did not recover so easily, as they were unable to score after the first inning.