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Dioner Navarro reminded Xander Bogaerts that even intentional walks are no time to relax

There are precious few moments to relax during a baseball game -- even between pitches, there are baserunners, proper defensive positioning and the occasional stray cat to think about. The intentional walk, though, was different. It was a welcome reprieve, a few seconds during which everyone could safely take a breath and just watch the batter take his base.
We say "was," though, because during Wednesday's 8-6 win over the Red Sox, White Sox catcher Dioner Navarro shattered Xander Bogaerts' illusion of safety on the basepaths.

Never again will Bogaerts be able to venture away from the bag during an intentional walk to stretch his legs or just take a nice stroll. He may have gotten back to second base safely, but he lost something far greater in the process.