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After missing a foul ball, the Dodgers' ballgirl redeemed herself later in the same at-bat

There's something -- nay, a lot -- to be said for resilience, especially with the game of baseball. Just because a play doesn't go your way one time doesn't mean you won't get it right the next time around.
This goes for ballboys, ballgirls and balldudes, too, with our most recent example coming in the Dodgers' 9-4 win over the Cubs at sunny Dodger Stadium.
In the fifth inning, Javy Baez laced a few Josh Fields offerings down the left-field line, in the direction of the Dodgers' ballgirl. The first, on an 0-1 pitch, ricocheted hard off the wall, enough to prevent her from making the play as the ball eluded her clutches. But a little bit later in the at-bat, Baez cracked another fastball in the same direction -- only this time, she stuck with it and made a great grab on a one-hopper:

That's how you do it! And again, given the general difficulty of spearing line drives no matter where you are on the diamond, just don't ever give up. Your time will come.