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This fan's dog has an excellent Craig Kimbrel impression

The odds are good that if you own a dog and happen to be a baseball fan, your fluffy friend ends up watching a lot of the game alongside you. If you think that they're just watching a glowing box and not soaking up any of the content, think again.
Case-in point: Take a look at this dog, who was clearly watching plenty of Red Sox games during the 2018 postseason.

The dog even has part of the look of Kimbrel's scruffy face down pat! What a good impression by an equally good boy.
The Kimbrel look has been a fun one to mimic in the past, from Dodgers fan Mary Hart ...

... to the legion of Phillies fans who stared Kimbrel down during his Braves days from behind home plate.

The animal kingdom is clearly onto Kimbrel, so now we just need to train an orangutan to watch his outings in 2019.