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Don Mattingly threw to Marlins staffers for the hitting portion of Day 2 of 'Clubbie Olympics'

As part of their Spring Training bonding, the Marlins players inspired the clubhouse attendants to test their baseball skills (and bring out their inner Green Monkeys). So they came up with the first annual "Clubbie Olympics," which is a series of drills spread out over three days.
And the stakes were higher on Day 2 of competition as manager Don Mattingly -- a former All-Star and MVP first baseman -- threw to hitters on Field 2 of the Roger Dean Stadium complex..
The highlight of the morning, though, was the relay race, which started with a participant at home plate and a teammate at second. On "go," the one at the plate simulated swinging the bat and sprinted around the basepaths to second base, where he tagged the teammate, who completed the race by going to third and home.
Domenic Camarda, a home clubhouse assistant, had the moment of the morning when he opted to slide at the plate. The slide may have cost his team a bit of time, but it was applauded loudly by the Marlins players on hand.
Day 2 of "Clubbie Olympics" also featured a velocity competition as the participants threw off the mound and were tracked with a radar gun, and then the hitting competition with Mattingly on the hill.

"I think it's a little bit of fun," Mattingly said. "You are here for six weeks, and we're in that period where guys are a little bit stale. We've got to break that up a little bit. Make them laugh a bit, and have fun."
In a transition sport like baseball, where players, coaches and managers come and go, the regulars in the clubhouse tend to be among the most recognized faces.
"You are with them every day, in every situation," Mattingly said. "They help you out so much. It's just fun to see them out here having fun. It's fun. You talk about 'team building' and all of that. It's just part of the process."